Welcome to Idaho Technical Career Academy!


Idaho Technical Career Academy (ITCA) is the only career-focused virtual school in the state of Idaho designed to give your student an edge for the future.

Our mission is to give students a head start on their career goals and college aspirations. At our innovative online school, students can graduate high school with technical and specialty trade credentials, workplace experiences, skills that will lead to real-world success, and a jump start on college.

Our vision is to welcome Idaho students in grades 9–12 who are interested in:

  • Becoming what they want to be, after considering all the options
  • Exploring the vast array of possible careers while still in school
  • Learning career and employment skills, such as getting and preparing for interviews, collaborating with others, and communicating effectively with many types of people
  • Pursuing a job, a college degree, or both upon graduation
  • An uncommonly great education experience

As an online public school, ITCA is tuition-free and provides the structure, support, accountability, and state testing required of all public schools. Currently, we offer pathways in four in-demand career fields:

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