Advanced Learners Curriculum

K12 and Idaho Technical Career Academy (ITCA) understand that academically gifted students don’t fit into a box—whether it’s a classroom or a one-size-fits-all education program. Teaching advanced learners is about challenging their minds and allowing them the freedom that comes from flexible, personalized learning using engaging curriculum—all of which we provide.

Academically gifted students can thrive at ITCA because they can learn at their own pace. The K12 high school academic curriculum includes comprehensive and honors-level courses that allow students to dive deep into subjects of interest. And our teachers focus on helping each student reach their full potential.

ITCA students can earn college credits from Idaho’s top public colleges and universities while fulfilling their high school requirements. Our students can participate in Idaho’s Advanced Opportunities program, making the most of their high school years by earning college credits for challenging coursework.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Advanced Opportunities?

Enrolling in an Advanced Opportunities class allows qualified students to apply credit earned at a partner institution to both their high school diploma and postsecondary degree. In Idaho, this program is sometimes also referred to as “Fast Forward” or dual credit.

Is there a tuition requirement for dual enrollment?

The state of Idaho provides every student attending an Idaho public school an allocation of $4,125 to use toward Advanced Opportunities in grades 7–12. The funds can be used for a variety of offerings including dual credits (up to $75 per credit).

How many college credits can my student earn while in high school?

There is no limit to the number of credits a student can earn while in high school, with the state funding $4,125 toward credits.

What courses are offered?

At ITCA, students can take a wide variety of classes in subjects related to health, science, math, and more, taught by our teachers for both college and high school credit.

From which colleges can students earn credit?

When taking a college level class at ITCA, your student can earn credit from College of Eastern Idaho, College of Southern Idaho, College of Western Idaho, Idaho State University, Lewis and Clark State College, North Idaho College, Northwest Nazarene University, Boise State University, or University of Idaho.

How do I enroll my student in dual enrollment courses with ITCA?

First, you need to enroll your student at ITCA and talk to your school counselor. Next, you need to create an Advanced Opportunities Account through the state of Idaho and enroll your student in the college from which they wish to earn credit. Once enrolled, your student can simply register for the classes they wish to take.